Travel Expense Solution

Did You Know ?

Companies can reduce the cost of travel and entertainment report processing by almost 90% with an automated system.

Take Control Of Your Expenses

ExpenseVisor builds a customized corporate profile for your company that incorporates your travel and entertainment expense report management business rules, policy statements and guidelines. Additionally, user profiles are developed allowing the ExpenseVisor expense report software further refine the pre-set options and privileges available to each employee that file an expense report.

By incorporating your corporate profile with the capabilities necessary to overcome your T&E expense report challenges, ExpenseVisor makes it easier for employees to understand your reporting requirements and avoid an erroneous or duplicate expense report.

As a result of implementing the ExpenseVisor expense manager software, employees submit more accurate and timely T&E expense reports, accounting departments reduce approval time, and the overall efficiency of your expense report management and reimbursement cycles is greatly enhanced.


Enhance Productivity

Save time, money and resources while gaining greater control of your T&E expense reporting.

Limit Risk

Over 45% of all businesses experience fraud. Eliminate maverick spending, enhance policy enforcement, and simplify the Auditing process required by the IRS and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Maximize ROI

Minimal upfront costs and monthly fees combined with rapid deployment, increased efficiency and expense controls = significant impact on your bottom line.

Analyze Spending

Review and analyze employee spending for cost saving opportunities and improving your bottom line.

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