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Implementation and integration

Implementating and Integrating Expense Reporting

The ExpenseVisor cloud delivery model permits rapid deployment without investments in hardware or required maintenance by your IT department. As a hosted Software as a Service (SAAS) provider, ExpenseVisor’s cloud computing can be deployed in a matter of hours, enabling organizations to rapidly recognize the benefits of automating Travel and Entertainment Expense Report Management. Once deployed, all you need is access to your ExpenseVisor account and a computer or mobile device with internet access to manage expense reports

How long will it take to implement and how much will it cost ?

ExpenseVisor can be implemented quickly. Most clients are “up and running” in 10 days or less! Implementation schedules may vary based on your exact needs, but we will assure you a smooth and effective implementation. Your fees will be among the lowest in the industry. We want you as a long-term business partner – and partners treat each other fairly. Fees will vary by account size and activity, but you will be surprised at the affordability of ExpenseVisor. We know your ROI is important! Contact us today for complete details.

Will ExpenseVisor integrate with my current accounting system?

Yes! ExpenseVisor integrates into accounting systems by exporting CSV files (spreadsheets) or ASCII flat files for import into accounting systems such as Payables, General Ledger and Payroll. The system can produce standard or optional custom input files.

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How Easy is it to Get Started?

Because we offer an intuitive interface, with built-in help facilities and information message boxes – even the least tech-savvy user can quickly and easily file an T&E expense report.

Are Support and Upgrades included in my fees?

Absolutely! We are continually enhancing ExpenseVisor to bring you the best in affordable Corporate Expense Management Automation. And let our clients tell you about our support. We respond in 4 business hours or less!

Visit our support section for more information or contact us today!