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Expense Reporting
Made Effectively Simple

The Affordable Expense Reporting Solution Focused on Your Team.

Simplicity is Key

ExpenseVisor is developed to embrace the expense report needs of different clients in different industries with different requirements.

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Why ExpenseVisor?

Because we represent the best in a business partner. Our deployments range from 10 to 25,000 users. We have been offering expense report software longer than most vendors in the market. We are Effectively Simple Expense Reporting.

No Challenge too Small

We can meet them, so you can do exactly what you want with T&E expense report software. Automate and forget about it so you can focus on mission-critical business tasks. Effectively simple!

We have an App for that

Forget lugging your laptop around. Keep it simple! ExpenseVisor lets you access everything you need, right there on your phone or tablet with only an internet connection.

Go Paperless

No need to hang on to those pesky paper expense receipts or invoices on a business trip. Capture electronic transaction data directly from Amex Visa and Dinners Club, so line item details are automatically uploaded into the expense report. Effectively Simple Expense Reporting!

Feature Rich

Toss those spreadsheets, and burn the receipts because ExpenseVisor offers the easiest solution for effective expense reporting, tracking and management so you can get back to business. Your introduction to Effectively Simple Expense Reporting.

Go Mobile with DocScan

We make it easy to capture business expenses so you can reduce the amount of time spent expense reporting. Now you can quickly add expenses to an expense report, upload and manage receipts with a smartphone camera. ExpenseVisor expense reporting - Keep it simple!

Effortless Expense Reporting

Here are just a few of the many features within Expensevisor.

Simple yet powerful

ExpenseVisor is specifically designed to solve the travel expense reporting management challenges of small to large businesses.

Easiest to use

The ExpenseVisor cloud delivery model provides rapid deployment without investments in hardware or required maintenance by your IT department.

Low cost of ownership

If you are still paper bound with a spreadsheet travel expense solution, you owe it to yourself to see the ExpenseVisor expense report software solution.

Control Expense Spend

Companies can reduce the cost of expense report processing by almost 90% with an automated system. Over 45% of all businesses experience fraud. Eliminate maverick spending, enhance policy enforcement, and simplify the auditing process required by the IRS and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Improve Visibility

ExpenseVisor allows managers to set spending limits for each user with the flexibility of adjusting those limits in real-time with approval if necessary, making travel expense reporting simple. Are you a power user? Multiple viewing options give you the ability to view reports by employee, client, product or specific trip.

Streamlined Process

The ExpenseVisor travel and entertainment expense report management system uses a proven and intuitive user interface. ExpenseVisor encompasses today's technologies to provide a simplified end-user experience while optimizing the the expense report management process. Let ExpenseVisor do the work to make your organization more effective - and do it quickly. ExpenseVisor Customer Care is always ready to assist you with any request.

ExpenseVisor is exactly what you need

About Us

Because we represent the best in a business partner. Our deployments range from 10 to 25,000 users. We have been offering T&E expense report software to a variety of industries longer than most vendors in the market. Most importantly, we are absolutely committed to your satisfaction!

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