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Corporate vision

About Us

With a focus on developing highly-flexible, affordable and effective solutions that can overcome complex expense management automation (EMA) challenges dedicated to enterprises with 10 to 10,000 employees, Fred Germuth, a 30-year technology industry veteran, founded started ExpenseVisor to provide companies with an intuitive and robust travel expense management solution. Based on market research in accounting and information technology, decades of real business experience, excellent technical capabilities and considerable input from CFOs and financial managers in need of a complete EMA solution, Fred and his team of experienced industry professionals launched its flagship product, ExpenseVisor in 2002. ExpenseVisor is an excellent entertainment and travel corporate expense management reporting tool plus it’s easy to use and is efficient.

Our Vision

ExpenseVisor has become a rapidly emerging provider of expense reporting automation through its commitment to developing long-term partnerships with its customers and delivering a Travel and Entertainment expense reporting solution that provides excellent data collection, audit trails, and an intuitive interface. It is an excellent corporate expense management tool that will produce the reports you need. You can make your expense management tasks much more effective by saving time, money, and resources when you automate your travel and entertainment expense reporting with ExpenseVisor.

Our vision is one of our strengths.